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A topic of great interest in recent weeks is, without a doubt, the Immuni App.

Numerous criticisms were raised with regard to the functional and privacy aspects this tool, which identified it as a tracking system aimed monitoring the private lives of citizens.

The Data Protection Supervisor, speaking about the Immuni App, has stated that the processing of personal data used by the System is proportionate as a result of the various measures that ensure the rights and freedoms of data subjects, by minimising the risks arising from the processing.
In addition to the planned measures, the Data Protection Supervisor has imposed new limits to further enhance the security of user data.

Given the great confusion surrounding the Immuni App, it is worthwhile to highlight some aspects touched on by the Data Protection Supervisor which certify the security of this tool.

  • The data collected through the Immuni System cannot in any way be used for purposes other than those explicitly provided for by the legislation introducing the App.
  • Full transparency of processing for statistical-epidemiological purposes will be guaranteed and appropriate arrangements will be identified to protect personal data.
  • Immuni guarantees the total absence of data association for identifiable subjects, ensuring their anonymity.
  • Users will be informed about the calculation algorithm used to assess the risk of exposure to contagion.
  • The user will be able to temporarily deactivate the App quickly and easily from the Home screen.

Therefore, the Immuni App is both a useful tool for the containment of the virus and totally safe for the protection of personal data. The Data Protection Supervisor has also specified that any processing performed by unauthorised persons may constitute an illegitimate, and possibly criminal, activity.