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Today, as recognised by
our Constitutional Law,
the protection
of personal data
is of fundamental importance.

European Regulation (679/2016) on the protection of personal data, in place since May 2018, has standardised legislation across all Member States of the European Union.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation (EU)

Its application, which must also be respected by companies based outside the European Union, has introduced significant changes to make companies more responsible for the processing of personal data, obliging them to adopt organisational models to reduce possible administrative and criminal liability. The GDPR, in addition to introducing new requirements, provides for the creation of new professional figures such as the Data Protection Officer (DPO), mandatory only where certain processing conditions are present.

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Data Protection Office
Training for personnel assigned to Privacy

Focus DPO

The DPO is a professional figure which must have an internal, or external, corporate role with legal, IT, risk management and process analysis powers and responsibilities.
Their main responsibility is to monitor, assess and organise the management of the processing and protection of personal data within a public or private company, ensuring this data is processed in accordance with European and national legislation on Privacy.

RP Advisor assists companies in the correct application of these regulations and supports them in compliance with the obligations set out therein, as well as providing a certified Data Protection Officer.